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Teach children how to pray the rosary and offer prayers for someone else at the same time!

Our brand new Spiritual Bouquet sticker craft sheet is a fun way to teach and encourage children to pray the rosary- and pray for others!

This beautiful rosary sticker sheet features five different flowers (each on a separate decade of the rosary)- and each with special Marian Garden symbolism! (see below!).  Each "bead" is labeled with the corresponding prayer. 

But what makes this rosary craft truly special- is that as children pray along the rosary, they can peel off each flower and create a "spiritual bouquet" to gift to someone! 

This is a beautiful way to teach children the importance of offering our prayers for others.  

These stickers are the same high quality indoor/outdoor material we use for all our stickers- so these little prayer flowers can be placed on paper to make a traditional card- or any smooth surface for an extra special gift! 

The flowers featured on this sticker sheet are: Marigolds (Mary's Gold); Violets (Our Lady's Modesty); Red Cosmos (St. Michael's Flower); Forget-Me-Not (Eyes of Mary); Black-eyed Susan (Golden Jerusalem) Pink Strawberry (Fruitful Virgin)

Sticker sheet is 8"x10", Printed in the U.S.A. Card not included. 

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