About us!

Hello! We are so happy you’re here!


Let us tell you a little about ourselves…


Shining Light Dolls was started just over ten years ago when our founder Chantal was shopping for gifts for her nephew’s baptism. As a “starving artist,” Chantal wanted something that was educational, affordable, beautiful and fun! She wanted her nephews to feel like Catholicism wasn’t just something that happened in that past- but was still relevant, exciting and most importantly- was for them.


She wanted them to get excited about the faith the way they did about things like- toys! She realized what she wanted was Catholic play-based learning toys! As a cradle-Catholic passionate about her faith and helping people keep their kids Catholic, she decided to make them herself.


In the last ten years, through the grace of God and the support of our amazing community, the company has grown to offer a wide range of premium Catholic toys and gifts. It has been an amazing journey! Shining Light Dolls is now the #1 Catholic Toy Company in America.


Each and every item is still designed from start to finish by Chantal. Now, as a mother and homeschooler, Chantal is passionate about creating toys that teach children Catholicism through proven play-based learning. We make these toys for our children- and yours!


Shining Light Dolls is based in the heart of the Midwest- where Chantal, her husband Kirk, and their children live.


Thank you for shopping small and supporting our mission to pass on the Catholic faith to children through proven play-based learning! The world needs more people of faith now more than ever!


May God bless you!


-the Shining Light Dolls Family