5 Easy Ways to Celebrate the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua with Kids

The Feast of St. Anthony of Padua is a special day in the Catholic Church, and it's a wonderful opportunity to share the life and legacy of this beloved saint with your children. St. Anthony was a Franciscan friar known for his powerful preaching, his devotion to the Eucharist, and his ability to find lost items. As the patron saint of lost things, he's a favorite among families and children.

If you're looking for ways to celebrate this feast day with your little ones, here are five easy and fun ideas to try:

1. Listen to "Saint Stories for Kids" Podcast About the Life of St. Anthony of Padua

One of the best ways to introduce your children to St. Anthony is by listening to a podcast that tells his story in a kid-friendly way. The "Saint Stories for Kids" podcast is a fantastic resource, with an episode dedicated to the life and miracles of St. Anthony.

Gather your family, snuggle up, and listen to the podcast together. Encourage your children to ask questions and share their thoughts about what they've learned. This interactive experience will help them better understand who St. Anthony was and why he's so important to the Catholic faith.

2. Make Snacks Shaped Like Fish to Remember the Miracle of the Fish

One of the most well-known miracles associated with St. Anthony is the "Miracle of the Fish." According to legend, when a group of heretics refused to listen to St. Anthony's preaching, he turned to the sea and addressed the fish instead. The fish rose up out of the water to listen to his words, demonstrating their reverence for the saint.

To commemorate this miracle, get your kids involved in making fish-shaped snacks. You could bake fish-shaped pizzas, make goldfish crackers, or even create a fun fruit salad with pineapple, grapes, and other ingredients arranged to look like little fish. This hands-on activity will not only be delicious but also help your children remember the significance of this important event in St. Anthony's life.

3. Play Hide and Seek to Remember He Is the Patron Saint of Lost Things

St. Anthony is often invoked when someone has lost an item, as he is known for helping people find what they've misplaced. To celebrate this aspect of his life, gather your family and play a game of hide and seek.

As your children take turns hiding and seeking, encourage them to pray to St. Anthony for help in finding the hidden person or object. This playful activity will not only be fun but also reinforce the idea that St. Anthony is a saint who can assist us when we're searching for something that's been lost.

4. Say a Prayer to St. Anthony for Those Who Are "Lost" from Their Faith

In addition to helping with the recovery of physical items, St. Anthony is also known for his ability to help those who have strayed from their faith. Use the Feast of St. Anthony as an opportunity to pray for those who are struggling with their relationship with God.

Gather your family and lead them in a simple prayer, asking St. Anthony to intercede on behalf of those who are lost or have wandered away from the Church. Encourage your children to think about friends or family members who might need extra spiritual support and include them in your prayer intentions.

5. Bake Bread in Honor of "St. Anthony's Bread"

One of the most enduring traditions associated with St. Anthony is the practice of "St. Anthony's Bread." This tradition involves making and distributing bread to the poor in honor of the saint, who was known for his compassion and generosity towards those in need.

Invite your children to help you bake a simple loaf of bread or rolls. As you work together, talk about the significance of this tradition and how it reflects St. Anthony's love for the less fortunate. When the bread is ready, consider delivering it to a local food pantry or sharing it with a neighbor in need.

Celebrating the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua with your children is a wonderful way to introduce them to the rich history and traditions of the Catholic faith. By engaging them in these fun and meaningful activities, you'll not only create lasting memories but also help them develop a deeper appreciation for the life and legacy of this beloved saint.

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