St Benedict Soft Enamel Pin


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The medal of St. Benedict is said to protect from evil.  Once during St. Benedict's life, a group of treacherous monks tried to poison him- but when St. Benedict said a prayer over the poisoned wine, the glass miraculously shattered and he was saved!
The letters around the front of the St. Benedict Medal (V.R.S.N.S.M.V. S.M.Q.L.I.V.B) stand for the Latin phrase:

"Vade retro satana! Nunquam suade miei vana! Sunt mala quad libas. Ipse venena bibas!"

which means, "Begone Satan! Never tempt me with your vanities! What you offer me is evil. Drink the poison yourself!"  
(St. Benedict prayer card and other pins sold separately)


The cutest Catholic flair! Perfect for backpacks, diaper bags, jackets, lanyards... and anywhere else you can pin it! 

Beautiful gold-tone metal filled with vivid soft enamel. Secure pin backing.

Pin is 1.75 inches in diameter

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